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Internet Marketing

Make money selling information online. Here, you will learn the rudiments of affiliate marketing, media marketing, email marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads and Banner Ads.

Content Writing

Explore the various ways you can offer your writing skills for pay. The topics here range from article writing, copywriting, selling fiction and self publishing (on Amazon Kindle)

Graphic Design

Learn how to earn money by designing professional book covers, logos, email templates, email signatures, landing pages, banners and a lot more; even if you have no prior knowledge.

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The internet is a blessing many fail to harness. A large percentage of the working class population in the world right now is still stuck in their 9am to 7pm jobs; working hard day to night for someone else’s dreams. The vision of Palmnates is to change all that. We believe in the truth that everyone can be financially independent, by just working with their palms and from the comfort of their homes. The opportunities on the internet are abound and plenty. Taking the time to learn our courses will only put you on an upward trajectory in the world of online business. And…

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How to Win a Writing Contest

The whole writing world is in a furtive competition with itself. Every writer believes he has a story that no one has seen before; which more often than not isn’t true. Every story is a spin off of another. This fact makes writing contests very competitive. Everyone is in to win it! And what’s more, […]

Affiliate marketing

WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING? This is the best and easiest way to start an online business—and it always will be. Affiliate marketing begins with people with a product who are willing to pay you to refer them customers. The commission you get from a sale is really high, i.e. you can get paid more than […]

Email Marketing

WHAT IS EMAIL MARKETING? Roughly 35% of the world’s population has an email address (and not necessarily just one email). This estimates to about 2.5 billion email clients in the world. That isn’t all, according to research, that number (2.5 billion) is on an upward trajectory. In fact, it was released lately that about 190 […]

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